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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Sep 19, 2017

Today on the TBB podcast, I am super excited to share my interview with Kat Harris.

Kat grew up here in Dallas and was one of six children.  Her childhood “looked normal” to everyone else, but the reality was her family was broken.  Her dad was an alcoholic, became homeless, and her parents divorced. Kat spent most of her teenage years and even into college searching for approval.

She didn’t realize how chaotic and stressful her world had become and how all these unhealthy storylines she had lived would affect her.  Her health suffered, she was mentally exhausted, developed an eating disorder and continued to date the wrong guys.

But, only by God’s grace, her dad became sober when she was a senior in college.  Relationships began to be restored, and Kat realized how “struggle and pain” want to be kept hidden, but when you bring truth to light, fear loses its power!

As we talked more about her story, Kat shared how she would define the word “thrive” and how she overcame a “survival mentality” that she had lived her whole life!

Today, Kat has created balance and rhythm in her daily life and has a “life board-of-directors” who have all access and keep her accountable.  She has learned that “real change happens when we show up”, start small and commit to the journey you are in.

Kat and I could have talked for hours, but we conclude the interview talking about The Refined Woman, an online magazine she and her friend Emily Scott started where they  share real stories that empower women to embrace their beauty, identity and value the art of storytelling!

Here’s my interview with Kat Harris.