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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Apr 4, 2018

It is such a treat to have Kait Warman on Thriving Beyond Belief with me today!

Kait is a such a joy and exudes such positivity and light in all that she does. We discuss her story and how even having the “dream job” of being a senior buyer in New York for a high end company (her life truly was a scene from “Devil Wears Prada”!) did not bring what only Jesus can bring to our lives- true and ultimate fulfillment.

Kait now lives in beautiful Santa Monica, where she is a professional blogger, is starting a social media company that focuses on creative content, has a truth talk series on YouTube, and is about to begin a podcast solely focused on Christian Dating called The Heart of Dating and can be found on iTunes and stitcher at also and @heartofdating on instagram!

The greatest thing about our time talking together is how openly we talk about all of the true and vulnerable issues that are difficult for women to discuss today. We talk about everything from what our identity should truly lie in, comparison to others, self-care, heartbreak, and even body positivity.

We take some time to expand on what it means to “thrive”. Kate believes that we are thriving when we are functioning wholly and fully in all areas- mind, body, and spirit. To be whole in those areas is to bring Jesus into the details of our lives! We learn to take care of ourselves in a way that is glorifying to the Lord and helpful to others. In order to love others as Christ loves us, we must be spending time with Him ourselves. It is important to remember that we must set aside time to do so.

Kait shares some of her past and trials that she has walked through, only to know Jesus in a sweeter way because of those times. She discusses shame in a very vulnerable way, and shares how we as women can combat the lies the enemy wants us to believe. Kait also talks about this season of singleness and how to be thankful for seasons that are truly in God’s will for us to experience.

Kait, venturing in to the social media world, gives some amazing insight on the pros and cons of social media. We should be using social media as a tool to connect, gain creative insight, and spur one another on. But all too easily it can become a dark place of comparison, body shaming, and a place where vulnerability is not welcome. But Kait shares that “we cannot compare others’ nuggets to the treasure the Lord has stored up for us”. We talk further about taking care of what has been entrusted to us, how we are to feel healthy more than “skinny”, and that we must set boundaries on places that can easily lead to us thinking we are not beautiful, when Christ tells us in His Word how much we are valued. We must never replace truth with the lies the world tells us.

Take a listen today to this amazingly real and genuine talk. I hope it blesses you!


Instagram: @kaitness