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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Jun 12, 2019

What an absolute blessing it is to have Sarah Nuse with me today on Thriving Beyond Belief!

Sarah is such a light and is someone who naturally thrives. She is a wife, mother, and owner of Tippy Toes, a dance program that is built into schools during the school day. As a mother herself, she knows that afternoons running around and taking children to various activities can be exhausting, so the dance program is built for young children to participate in during normal school hours, complete with recitals and all! This amazing program has been adopted all over the country, and will hopefully soon be offered internationally!

Tippi Toes was actually birthed out of a time of desperation in Sarah’s life, a time when there was not much direction. She was encouraged to dream big and implement those dreams by her parents. We take some time to discuss the importance of the roles of parents in their children’s lives. In a culture where parents want to bless their children with more than they had, there tends to be a generation of people who don’t know what it is like to struggle, fail, and figure out what to do next. The story of how Sarah’s business came to be is so refreshing to hear.

We talk a lot about balance. The balance of being a good parent but also putting marriage before parenting. We discuss the balance of what to say “yes” to in your life. We talk about the balance of communication with your partner and taking time for marriage. We discuss the balance of figuring out how the Lord created us and what He wants to do with that creation. Sarah shares some amazing wisdom on all of these topics, reminding us at the base of it all that we were not created to live in fear. We were created to thrive. So anytime we begin to feel the fear creep up, we must turn to the Lord to be reminded that we were made for so much more than living in a “stuck” place of fear. We were created to live and live well. Let us cast away the thought that we “aren’t enough” in whatever capacity the enemy is telling us- whether that be our marriage, how we parent, our position at work, a dream that we want to come to fruition, etc. Let us instead lay those things before the Lord and find strength in who HE is that spurs us to do our best.

This episode is so sweet to me, and I wish we could have kept talking. I cannot wait for you to hear this today and be encouraged to live your best!