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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Oct 17, 2019

Super excited to welcome Alex Seeley back again on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast this week!

Alex Seeley was born and raised in Australia and spent seventeen years pastoring there. It is also where she met and married her husband, Henry. After relocating to Nashville in 2012, they founded The Belonging Co., a church where they minister together to thousands of people each week. She is a passionate teacher of the Word with the unique ability to reveal how the Word of God is applicable to our everyday lives.

In our constant search for a life filled with abundance, we often follow our human instinct, and then wonder why we come up short. God always has a better idea. And it most often requires us to move in the opposite direction.

We talk at length about Alex's new book: The Opposite Life!

So what does it mean to embrace “The Opposite Life?”

“It means acting in a way that is contrary to what is expected in our world. The Holy Spirit living in us allows us to react positively, which is contrary to the negativity coming our way.”

Why is this book relevant now?

There is a desperate longing for goodness in the face of overwhelming anger, pain, and confusion in our society. We all want the blessed life but sometimes go about it in the wrong way. We are reactive, and not proactive. We can eliminate problems before they even become problems by opposite life principles.

Also, as Alex explains, we have become a body known for what we are against instead of what we stand for. The church has it all wrong… we should be talking the Gospel less and living it more. Rather than living an opposite life and changing the world, we’ve been filling up our time with knowledge from the Bible without going the next step of applying it to our everyday lives.


  • An insightful, biblical approach to how God calls us to live
  • Unpacks twenty opposite-life principles that lead readers to living out what Alex refers to as the blessed life
  • Real-life testimonies of ordinary people who decided to do things in the opposite realm, and resulted in incredible miracles and blessings