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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Oct 24, 2019

Mentoring is something we often talk about on the podcast because we know how critical it is as we grow in Christ, but it can also feel overwhelming. Today we’re excited to talk with >Shelley Giglio and Daniele Flickinger about FLOURISH.

FLOURISH is a yearlong mentoring journey based on Scripture and created in partnership with Passion City Church. After 6 years of development and leading more than 3,500 women through this mentoring journey, Passion is excited to release this unique resource to churches worldwide. This study will help you establish strong relationships between both mentors and mentees as they dig into understanding God’s truth and love through His Word together.

About Shelley:
Shelley Giglio is the Chief Strategist of Passion Conferences and sixstepsrecords and the Visionary Leader of The Grove and Flourish Mentoring Journey at Passion City Church, which she and her husband, Louie Giglio founded and lead in Atlanta, GA.

About Daniele:
Daniele Flickinger leads the Flourish Mentoring Team at Passion City Church and has also been a key visionary and contributor to the Flourish Mentoring Journey since its inception in 2015.


  • Our team is honored to provide videos, documents, and other valuable resources (for free!) to get you started on your mentoring journey as a church, small group, or individual. Visit today!
  • Follow the journey of The Grove at Passion City Church at >, or check out The Grove Podcast wherever you listen to yours. Search “The Grove Passion” to tune in!
  • Ready to purchase a mentor or mentee book? Visit!

God has a real purpose for your life. All the time, that purpose is greater than ourselves. – @shelleygiglio #MARKEDpodcast


  • Extensive leadership guidance to make your mentoring journey practical and simple.
  • Personal study segments to complete over a year
  • Beautiful design to foster daily time in God’s Word
  • Specific goals and leader tips for each session
  • Devotional journal to guide you through 6 thematic sessions over the course of a year, diving deeper into topics of God’s Word, prayer, identity, calling, kinship, and gratitude
  • Mentor website with tools, coaching videos, and resources to help you start a FLOURISH program at your church


  • Develop a daily practice of spending time with God.
  • Connect with a younger woman, and study God’s Word together.
  • Grapple with spiritual concepts such as identity, calling, and more.
  • Consider how the stories of individuals fit into the larger redemption story God is writing.

Find valuable tools, videos and resources to help your churches, small groups, or individuals start their own mentoring journey at!


  • Four distinct words in the curriculum:
  • Rooted in God's Word
  • Flourish where we are planted
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Shade - Give your life away

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