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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Feb 5, 2020

This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Debra Fileta!

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married – the quality of your relationships impacts the quality of your life. Healthy relationships are vital to healthy living. Licensed professional counselor and relationship expert, Debra Fileta, has observed countless relationships at various stages and has guided clients through each one. 

In her upcoming book, Love in Every Season: Understanding the Four Stages of Every Healthy Relationship (January 14, 2020), Fileta shares that each relationship goes through four life-changing seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Just as nature cycles through seasons, relationships rotate through stages that can either make or break your love life. Each season plays an important role in taking a relationship to the next level, and depending on how you navigate each season, your relationship will either flourish and grow or slowly die.

Spring: The season of rapid growth where friendship blossoms and attraction blooms. 

Summer: The season when things get hot physically, emotionally and spiritually, but if you're not careful, you can end up getting burned in the heat of summer.  

Fall: The seasons where your true colors begin to vulnerably shine through, as you learn the art of building trust through healthy conflict and communication. 

Winter: The season when things begin to cool down, and your relationship is either strengthened with the passing of time and the comfort of familiarity, or it begins to freeze over. 

Fileta believes that so many people fail to recognize these important seasons, and in turn, fail to learn and grow through them. In the book, she shares about everything from the importance of developing emotional intimacy, to assessing your conflict style, to the many aspects of attraction, to navigating a lack of excitement in a relationship and everything in between. She offers hope that no matter what season you’re currently in, it can be used to enrich your life and deepen your relationships. Because seasons are meant to be passed through again, and again, and again. 

Love in Every Season teaches that healthy relationships are something you make, not something you find, and that even in seasons of pain and difficulty, there is unseen work being accomplished. 

No matter what age or stage you’re in as you navigate through friendship, family, dating or marriage, each relationship offers opportunities to open your heart and stretch your love. Readers will learn that recognizing patterns of each season and understanding how to navigate each one with intention is important to the health of any relationship. 

About the Author

Debra Fileta is a Licensed Professional Counselor, national speaker, relationship expert, and author of Choosing Marriage and True Love Dates. She's also the host of the hotline style Love + Relationships Podcast. Her popular relationship advice blog,, reaches millions of people with the message of healthy relationships. Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram @TrueLoveDates, or book a session with her today at