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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Nov 16, 2023

Meet Chuck and Ashley Elliott, a dynamic duo in the realm of relationship guidance, active since 2009. Their journey began with Community Marriage Builders, where they honed their skills in conducting both intimate and large-scale workshops. With certifications in eight diverse Psycho-educational programs, the Elliotts specialize in fostering relational triumphs.

Their portfolio includes the creation and instruction of various marriage enrichment programs, and they are passionate advocates for discussing all facets of relationships.

Chuck brings a unique perspective as a pastor at Bethel Church in Evansville, Indiana, enriching lives with spiritual insights. Meanwhile, Ashley's expertise as a counselor at Auxilium Psychological Services is complemented by her academic prowess. She notably led the Psychology and Addictions Counseling Program at Oakland City University for over a decade. There, she developed an impressive array of Psychology courses, engaged in groundbreaking research, and even formulated a unique Communication Theory. This theory, a joint effort with Chuck, has been showcased across numerous universities and business platforms nationwide.

Outside their professional lives, Chuck, Ashley, and their three sons cherish the outdoors with activities like hiking and mountain biking. And let's not forget those rare but memorable family dance parties that add rhythm to their lives!

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