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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Mar 31, 2021

Today on Thriving Beyond Belief, we have Tara-Leigh Cobble!

Despite an early introduction to Christianity, Tara wasted years coasting on the second-hand information she learned from others. In 2008, through the gentle encouragement of a friend, she read all the way through the Bible for the first time. It awakened a recognition of her need to have others walking closely alongside her in my pursuit of God -- people to hold her accountable for scripture memory and Bible reading and all the things that were bringing her so much newfound joy!

Out of that need, Tara started D-Group (Discipleship Group) a handful of college students in 2009 and it has grown into 250+ groups around the world. What she's learned has motivated her to encourage others to pursue relational knowledge of God, because she has found that He is where the joy is! She loves to speak to audiences about God and His Word, and she has written a few books with an aim to point others toward Him through her story as well as their own. She also writes and host a daily podcast called The Bible Recap, which aims to keep people connected to reading the Bible when they're tempted to quit for lack of understanding, as well as a daily radio show called The God Shot.

Tara lives in a concrete box in the skies of Dallas, TX, where she has no spouse, pets, or children -- or anything else that might die if she forget to feed it.