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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Mar 14, 2018

I have the immense pleasure of having Roma Downey join me today on Thriving Beyond Belief!

From humble beginnings in Ireland and losing her mother at a young age to being a coat check girl in New York to being America’s favorite voice of hope in Touched by an Angel, Roma’s story rivals that of the films that she now produces through her production company, Light Workers.

Roma’s definition of thriving is the picture of a life of overflow and abundance. We discuss that this doesn’t necessarily mean that life is always easy or that everything goes our way, but that from the struggle, you can see the blessing. We have fullness of life, and thrive from all of the experiences we have in life.

It was a blessing to speak with her about her new book that just came out on March 6th. Box of Butterflies is about discovering the unexpected blessings all around us. Roma even shares that butterflies have been a beautiful symbol from the Lord all her life that He is faithful, no matter the circumstance.

We also talk on being empty nesters and the journey we take with our children as they grow up. We discuss the amazing opportunity her and her husband have of being able to work together (and how I can relate to that!), and all the adventures that entails. Roma shares her unforgettable time on the set of “Touched by an Angel”, where she gained a mentorship and mother figure that impacted her life forever. She also speaks on what kind of stories her production company, Light Workers, wants to put out for the world. Roma and her husband have a burden to share stories of hope and goodness to a world and industry so filled with the opposite.

My favorite time we had speaking, though, was about our faith. Roma discusses feeling the closest with the Lord in her early morning time with Him in nature. Nature seems to bring her communion with the Lord and perspective on matters in her life. We all must see the importance of communicating our gratitude with the Lord, because when we aren’t in a state of gratefulness, we forget all the Lord has done for us!


Grab some coffee, find a comfy chair, and take a listen as I speak with Roma Downey.