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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Jun 5, 2019

Fatherhood. It’s an ever-growing issue of importance in our culture today. And who better to speak about that with than Louie Giglio? He is my guest on today’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief!

Louie is a well known pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta and is the founder of Passion, a conference that is specifically geared toward 18-25 year olds who are setting up life for themselves for the first time. This conference is to help those in this season put Christ at the center of their lives and turn their focus on what is eternal rather than what is temporary. Louie is also a husband to his beautiful wife, Shelley, a speaker and an author.

We spend our time today talking specifically about the subject of Louie’s new book, Not Forsaken- fatherhood. We speak on the freedom that comes with finding our identity in being sons and daughters of the Perfect Father. This is a complicated subject, as we often project characteristics of our earthly fathers onto our Heavenly Father. That could be that He is absent, angry, distant, apathetic, and the list goes on. Louie talks about us beginning to see that those characteristics don’t exist in Heaven. He was Father first, which means He is perfect in fatherhood. The fall led to a broken view of what fatherhood needs to be.

We discuss the fact that the relationship of father and child is one that is vastly important to our life. It is one of the relationships on earth that effects us in such drastic ways. Our souls long for this relationship to feel whole.

Louie shares with us some amazing Scripture and wisdom on how to restore the relationship with our eternal Father, even when our earthly relationship may have  never been a positive one. Louie shares so vulnerably about his own father, the struggles in their own relationship, and how it led to remind him that nothing here is how it should be. Our souls are longing for the day when all will be restored.

We even speak some on mental health and how important it is to address any issues going on, the power of counseling, and the significance of authenticity.

What a blessing this episode is to me and I hope it is the same for you. May there be peace that comes to you after this episode!