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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Aug 26, 2020

This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Paul David Tripp!

Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, event speaker, and a best-selling and award-winning author. With more than 30 books and video series on Christian living, Paul’s driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to...

Aug 19, 2020

This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Daniel & Brittany Price Brooker!

After the tragic untimely deaths of their respective spouses, Brittany Price and Daniel Brooker each found themselves as a young widow/widower – dealing with their own individual journey’s of grief, and pain, and heartache, and loss…...

Aug 12, 2020

Please welcome John Mark Comer to the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast this week talking about our world of HURRY and how we can eliminate it!!

Our worst moments tend to happen when we are in a hurry—late for an appointment, behind on our to-do list, cramming too much in our day. It occurs when we’re trying constantly...

Aug 5, 2020

Today on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Alli Worthington!

Alli is like many of us – a woman following her calling in ministry, work, and family – who found herself at a spiritual crossroads. God called her into something new, but she wasn’t sure she was strong enough to say yes. Standing Strong delivers a...