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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Jan 12, 2023

You can live an abundant life in every area and in every season. You can practice the lost arts of being a vibrant human being. You can be energized and enjoy more of what matters most spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and relationally.

The closer a courageous, rooted, and thriving woman gets to realizing her life’s purpose, the more she understands that abundant living is nothing like what she once thought it was. It’s not perfect circumstances; it’s perfect peace within those circumstances. This book gives women practical tools to improve every relationship they have by doing the hard work of knowing “the real you” and learning to be vulnerable. Deep satisfaction comes from women knowing who they are, overcoming their fears, facing the difficult stuff of life, and making lasting change. And it all starts with the journey of knowing and understanding who God made them.

No matter where you’ve come from, what you’ve experienced in the past, or the mistakes you’ve made—you can learn to thrive the rest of your life. This book shows you how.