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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Feb 26, 2021

The weight of our past, present, and uncertain future stops us and keeps us dead in our tracks. The all-too-familiar feeling of unworthiness becomes prominent, causing us to live from a place of fear and despair. But what if it chose to talk about it, rather than push it down?

Eryn Eddy has been there and wants readers to know the truth that changes everything: they are valuable. In her new book, So Worth Loving: How Discovering Your True Value Changes Everything, the speaker, creative director and founder of the So Worth Loving movement shares her stories and revelations, honest insights and the struggles she encountered in her pursuit to discover her worth.

“I’ve made some poor decisions in life; I’ve also made some bold decisions about moving forward and doing the best I can with what I know,” writes Eddy. “After my choices left me battling a diminished sense of self-esteem and wondering if I had a purpose on this earth, I didn’t have many places left to turn. So I took a chance and invited God in.”

This honest, openhearted book gives readers permission to feel deeply and openly, encouraging questions and inspiring the dedication to pursue authentic, candid answers. Eddy holds readers’ hands as they embark on a journey to discover and embrace what God believes about them: that they are so worth loving.

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