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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

May 15, 2019

I got to spend an hour with one of my favorite people for this week's episode of Thriving Beyond Belief: Jordan Lee Dooley! Wife, speaker, soon-to-be author (and fellow Enneagram 3), Jordan is sunshine personified. We take some time to talk about some themes in her upcoming book, Own Your Everyday.

It is refreshing to discuss contentment in a world that is shouting for us to find our purpose. We break down what true purpose is, that small, intentional steps make up the large leaps in our lives, and that although we are called to steward our lives well, it is okay to not be "hustling" 24/7 if it means we leave out the Lord in the process. Jordan so pointedly reminds us that knowing the Lord IS our calling. He is our purpose. We so often run around and try to seek out the "one thing" that we are called to, instead of seeing that the one thing we are called to is to be faithful. Let us not be deterred by the enemy to chase the hustle rather than walk with the Lord.

Jordan talks about the fact that doing what we are called to do is not limited to what we do professionally; we are called to love others well, we are called to be good stewards of the bodies we have been given, etc. When we finally understand that life is not lived to reach a particular pinnacle, but rather it is a beautiful journey, we experience true freedom! The journey is filled with the mundane path, which is the everyday that we are given the opportunity to be faithful with. The journey also includes places of wilderness, which is where we tend to learn the most. And the journey is filled with moments in the garden, which is where the Lord wants us to intentionally rest and spend time with him. These paths and places make up our life. Let us make the most of them.

There are so many wonderful pieces of advice and encouragement from Jordan in this episode that you will find yourself taking notes to take with you into your day. Here's to owning our everyday!