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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Apr 4, 2024

I started blogging in college on LiveJournal. (Remember that? It was a whole lot of Dashboard Confessional lyrics and was incredibly emo.) In 2007, I moved to WordPress and wanted to bring joy to people through my satirical writing. I wanted to be the next version of “The Onion,” if you can believe it. Then, over the years, the content began to change. I started sharing more about my life and suddenly I realized that there were people reading this blog that weren’t just my dad and my sister. So, while the content certainly changed over the last 13+ years, the mission certainly has not. True joy from within looks different than I thought it once did. When you step into this little space, I genuinely want you to feel like you’re hanging out with a dear friend. So, what are you going to find here? Here I’ll talk about everything from ethical fashion and clean beauty, to my passion for ending human trafficking, child sponsorship with Compassion International, clean beauty (and my favorite mascaras!), real food and some easy recipes, my life as a wife and mom, and so much more. I pray you’re encouraged.