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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Aug 31, 2023

Are you thriving beyond your wildest dreams? Want to do this together? Listen in to this episode and challenge yourself to THRIVE!

Aug 18, 2023

Kia Stephens is a wife (of 19 years) and a mom of two who is literally in the trenches of motherhood.  Most days are spent driving her teen and tween around like an overworked and underpaid taxi driver.

A few years ago, however, she acted on her desire to become a writer and created The Father Swap Blog to help women...

Aug 10, 2023

Words matter. Our words matter. And Well Said* explains why they do, how to make the most of them and why doing this can change our lives. Most importantly, Sarah’s practical tips intertwined with personal life stories are grounded in Biblical truth and convey God’s love for each person. Choosing to use our words to...