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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Feb 3, 2023

Army veteran Fernando Arroyo considers himself privileged to serve veterans struggling with different issues ranging from PTSD, drug addiction, and homelessness. His job is to provide veterans with pastoral counseling and to walk alongside them as they regain sobriety and control of their mental health.

In his powerful new memoir, The Shadow of Death: From My Battles in Fallujah to the Battle for My Soul, Arroyo details his career in the military, as well as his crisis of faith: “I went from feeling invincible to feeling completely broken. There was only one person to blame for all of this, and it was God. God took the woman I loved away from me, God kept me from getting out of the Army, and God was making me feel miserable. I was angry with God—and meanwhile I had to train for war.”