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Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Apr 8, 2021

Today on Thriving Beyond Belief, we have Kelsey Chapman!

Let's talk mentoring and mentorship!

Meet Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey Chapman is an author, podcaster and personal cheerleader to women building their dream life and business.

When she first launched her own brand in 2015, she felt all the overwhelming feelings, too. It was scary to take such a huge leap and commit to showing up for a dream she didn’t know would pan out.

People are CRAVING investment! Don’t we all just want someone to step in, help us walk the next few steps in front of us, and offer their wisdom so we can shortcut the distance?

  • Your mentor is probably not going to be Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, or Bobbie Houston…
    How to find a mentor, that’s probably already in your inner circle, that will be *equally impactful* as one of those people you have on a pedestal in your mind!
  • How to recognize mentors in your everyday life
    Sometimes our mentors are friends that make us feel at home in our own skin, strong women in our faith circles, or the mother and wife that we look at and think, “I want the life I see you building.”
  • Want to be a mentor? How to get past imposter syndrome…Stop disqualifying yourself! The average mentor is just 3 steps ahead of their mentee. Someone, just a few steps behind you, would be honored for you to step into whatever facet of life they need support in.
  • Standing as a daughter of God in the midst of your fears, I had a lot of fear growing up and even into adulthood - one of my mentors helped me face these with confidence knowing I was safe, loved, and empowered in my identity.
  • Your mentor isn’t going to be perfect…
  • You can learn from anyone. And it will be important to realize that as you get up close and personal with your mentor, they aren’t going to be killing it in every area. While you may be looking for mentorship on how to be an incredible person, you might realize they may not be killing it in the family department - and that’s OKAY! You can learn what you need from them and seek mentorship for another facet of life elsewhere.